Step Products


amplogo.pngAMP RESEARCH is an American design and technology company, located in Tustin, California, that invents, builds and markets products designed to improve the function and utility of cars, light trucks and SUVs. The company’s motto, ”Innovation In Motion” captures the eclectic mix of breakthrough products AMP Research has brought to the market since its founding in 1980.


ddea® is a corporation formed by two manufacturing plants and two marketing and distribution companies, covering the market of North America, Mexico and Central America for the auto and light truck vehicles and a second company focused on heavy duty vehicles. The operations started in 1965 in electroplating processes. Currently, our group is specializes in: design, fabricating, electroplating process, marketing and distribution of auto parts and truck accessories as well as heavy duty truck accessories.


nfablogo.pngN-FAB is the industry leader in making quality Nerf-Bars, Pre-Runners and other Off-Road accessories. We design and manufacture the strongest, most durable and best looking Nerf-Bars available in the industry today. At N-FAB are committed to building a heavy duty, high end, high quality tubular parts for all the latest trucks and SUV's dating back to the 80's. When others are using thinner and thinner tube to cut cost we still use heavier gauge.


 Westin logoWestin was built on the philosphy that a product should work, look good, and last. This certifying that a product had to be designed right, made of quality materials, and that it would survive normal wear and tear for three years or more. We still do it this way.